Monday, 28 May 2007

Poker With Mates

Just had a game tonight, against a few mates, i only bought in for 20 quid, 2 others did the same, however one went in for 100 (ed hollis) and another for 50. It was a fun game, however ed and such are out of my league for now, so made no profit, none the less it was fun, i was up most of the game, just had bad luck when one pushed all in pre-flop, another called, and i had to call with my AK, one showed JJ, and the other showed A7s, the cards came with four spades, and no luck for me, and there went my buy in. I wasn't going to re-buy tonight, as have already spent this months poker allowance i set for myself twice over. But i soon hope to change this with experience.

post again soon :)