Saturday, 27 October 2007

Things looking up slightly...

Desposited $20 into stars before, now have $77. Played a few tables of 10c/25c an played v well, making some v good calls/folds. Pretty happy with that. Biggest hand was when i was dealt KK in late position, one raiser before me, i re-raised him, he called.

Flop : 7h 2c 9c

i bet, he flat calls..

Turn: 9d

i bet again, he flat calls again

River: 5c

Here i thought for a long time, before checking, to induce a bet as i still thought i was ahead for some reason, he bet and put me all in, i still had a think, before calling, and he turns over AQo lol..and my KK wins me a $67 pot...Awesome.

Gonna play a few tourns now, will report back if i make any decents penniessssss :)

Friday, 19 October 2007


Gone bust in stars for being a dick again, also lost another £30 live tonight in a small cash game playing like an idiot, shittest poker i've ever played tonight, about to enter a tourney, if i don't cash, i dont know where im going, money is very low, bills yet to come, and i am in a right state.

Lowest point for me atm, doesn't sound much, but im starting to worry...even though i should of started too a long time ago...

To make things worse, work is getting me very down, because i'm being put on dutys left right and centre, costing me money to get back to work, money which i don't have. This next week could be an interesting one, anyone says the wrong thing, i'll just kick off.

Probs will be seeing the doc in the week...God this sux.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Night Out..Classic..

Where to begin lol, well i know, Bluescouse was busted and spent the night in a cell which i found hilarious, yet he still fails to find the funny side...hmmm loool. Drunk and disorderly Blue failed to make it to the clubs im afraid to say, and had to pay a nice £50 fine =)
He also spent the most of today stinking of puke lol, until we made him buy some new clothes for the journey home haha. He will never here the end of this.

Me and Moz were almost busted later on, at like 5am for stealing cones, and road signs, when a police car pulled alongside some very knackered and drunked us running down the main road like tits.

The night all in all was very good fun, i got extremely drunk and made an absoloute idiot of myself on the dance floor, but who cares, because i didn't. Tried out plenty of cocktails n stuff, main one we did was something called The Gas Chamber, which is basically where the bar-tender lights one glass of this drink, and puts it on top of the other glass, thus creating smoke inside the two, which you have to inhale through a straw quickly followed by necking the drink. Was kinda hard to keep down lol..and soon found its was into the toilet, but hey, it was worth it.

We also visited this Strip-Club/Casino where you could use your chips to only buy Drinks and Dances, i didn't spend long here, before going to the main club. I'd been here before and it was a right laugh.

I'd cant realy remember much else, as the head is still a bit misty, but i'll re-post at a later date saying what else happened lol..

Nothing to add on the poker side, and probs won't play for a few days.

Post Soon =)

Friday, 12 October 2007

Bit more internet proff...

I've actually made about $65 in about 2 hours of play on 5/10c, which i believe is quite good going, i've been playing real well recently, and am starting to think my poker as a whole has taking a turn for the better, and that i'm making some very good moves. I've been multi-tabling alot more which i also find better than the usual one tab.

I've not realy played at all this week, as have been busy in work, fixing the tankys =) and am just too knackered when i get back to the room. Going out in chester tommorow, with the fishys like Bluescouse, Moz n such, lol, should be a good laugh and i'm realy looking forward to it. I most prob won't be in the Bloggerment "again" this week as i will be travelling back up to camp in Catterick which kinda sucks, but oh well.

I'm hoping to have a bit more free time this week to play, and maybe make some profit, but we shall see.

Until then =)

Saturday, 6 October 2007


Well, as planned, Me, Bluescouse, Moz and Hellboy went to the casino last night to play in a £5 Rebuy tourney with 158 entrants. It started off very aggresive as predicted, and i found myself all in preflop with my first hand lool..I had A10d in last position with one guy all in before me, he turned KJo, and ace high won it =)

2 hands later i doubled up again with ace high when i had AQ. This sucess was shortlived, when i found myself all in pre flop again, but this time with 3 others. I had QQ, one guy turned JJ, another KK and the final guy 88. Flop Q76, turn 5, river 4 loool...88 takes it down.

All in all i re-bought 3 times and added on once. After the rebuy period i had no chips, so i was starting from minimum (2k)
Moz went out early after the rebuy, which was a shame, however i was told a few sick hands in which he lost, and made the right play with.

After a while i found Hellboy and Bluescouse had gone out aswell (in that order) so it was down to me. By now i was sitting comfortably with about 13k in chips from a huge pot in which 4 were involved, an my ace high flush taking it down.

Eventually, i made it to he final table, although wih probobly with one of the shorter stacks on there. The final table was kind to me (for once) giving me a few lucky hands, in which i real should have gone out too. First one i remember was when i had JdJc in about mid position, i pushed with less than average chips, and had one caller. He turns AQ, flop AcQcX, Turn is a club (making any club good for me and any jack) River is a Jack! Booyaaa lol...

Next sick hand, i was still relatively shortstacked and needed to double up again, I pushed in rather later position with K9d, got one instant call, he turns KK, and i thougt this is were is ends, until i hit trip 9's lool...sick.

By this time i had plenty of chips and could start to bully, which i did in some cases. I was calling any desperate all ins with medioca hands as i could afford it and wanted them out. Most of the time i got lucky and knocked them out, giving me more chips for bullying lol.

It ended me and this other guy heads up, with me a considerably chip lead. I was very aggresive in heads up (maybe too aggresive) but i was stealing the blinds all the time. I made a very bad call when i was drawing to any club or queen on the river, however i was pot commited and couldnt get away from i realy. This basically knocked me right down. I made one double up however he soon got lucky, when i was Dealt JJ, i pushed (as i was doing nearly everyhand) he called with k7 :/ and spiked a king on the river lol...however 2nd was a good result, gaining me a £600 prize, although we agreed before it started that if we cashed, we would give 10% to each other then the winner gets 70%. So i took £420, with each of the lads taking £60, and a small proff. Good times lol.

Just like to thank Bluescouse, Moz and Hellboy for there support, there were my fan club cheering me all the way lol..cheers lads ;)

So my live streak continues, and may it never end =)

Post soon..

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Bad all week, until tonight...

I have played a bit since last post, and to cut a long story short, i've been playing pathectically, depositing $20 here and there, then busting it all away. It's made me real depressed therefore making my play even WORSE!! I've been thinking for long periods, looking back on bad calls/raises at the worse times, and started to think i'm a playing like a fish, and am no better than the average joe.

Tonight, i deposited $40, and decided to try play the $11 rebuy - $45K GTD on pokerstars, i was running ok, although i did rebuy 3 times altogether, i was running ok, until i hit a sick hand. I recieved KK on the button, there was one raiser before me and i re-raised him x3, everyone else folded, he called, flop came Jxx, he bets 3xBB, i re-raise him 3x, he pushed, and i thought for about 20 secs, then called ( I was 95% sure he had AJ) - sure enough he did, turn came J, river x....and that was me, coudln't rebuy. So i decided some to play cash, and i went into the game thinking i was gonna bust it, because over the last 3 weeks, i've been playing so so bad online its unbelievable, so on tilt...i built my £9 into $50, before losing abit to $35. Everyone left that table so i joined 2 tables, one with $25 in one, and $10 in the other, (both 10c/25c tables)

I left one with $40, and the other with $30, making a nice little profit for the night (the first time in a while)

Tonight made my self confidence in my game came right back, and i feel good again about my play. Im making good folds, and some very good calls/reads. Im going casino on friday with Bluescouse and Hellboy, as our last trip there was cancelled =) but i feel good about it and am hoping to make some profit with my newly found confidence. I shall next post probs after fri to give a run down on how it went =)

until then GL FISHAYS