Sunday, 19 August 2007


Well, i decided to take a break from NLH, as that last game i properly had was enuf to send me over the edge lol...Ive been readin books on hold em, dan harringtons, mike caros etc, gna take a new approach to it at the start of next month, but at the moment, im just playing a bit of Pot limit/no limint omaha, and am actually starting to realy enjoy it, had a game before, went in with $25, soon got up to over $70, hitting a few good hands, will try and get the details up soon, but this is just a quick update atm...but wish me luck :D

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Stars Bust..

Dont realy wna talk bowt this right now, so fuckin pissed off, cud smash skulls...but title explains itself..

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Slowly Slowly...

Bin Playing a bit i spose, making a bit of profit here and there, have decided to try a new approach to my stars Bankroll, going to grizz it out and make a small profit day by day, then when i reach say $1000, il up the stakes on cash tables and then grizz it out on them, slowly making profit, however this way, i cant lose a large amount of my BR, which wud probobly make me go on tilt anyway, then busting it all.

I've managed to bring my bankroll up further (as u can see) from $215 - $330, within 3 days, which is not a bad increase, keeping at this pace for a few months would be a great achivement for me and wud change alot of things, i'll post a few hands up ive played soon, till then, wish me luck :D

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Flopped Straight Flush..

Was having a quick game in a 50c/$1 table, went in with $60, made up to about $67 when i get A4h UTG, i call the raise, flop comes 235h, i had to check it a couple times to make sure, and to a pleasant suprise, i flopped the straight flush, i was just starting to think how i was going to play this, when the others decided for me, turns out one had an open ended straight draw and was betting big, i acted weak, and took a while to only call these bets, which only made him more agressive, he bet $15 on the turn, i simply called again, the river come, and he pushed all in, and i obvioulsy called instantly, to his dismay im sure.

I played a few small hands after that, but decided to cash in that profit, picture link below:

Stars - $252 - edited
Betfair - $950

Thursday, 2 August 2007

More small profit...

Hit the cash tables recently, despite me saying i wouldn't, but it has brought me a small sucess, bought in for $40 on a $1/2 table, soon got up to over $100 with a few good hands, then fell abit, but stayed well above my buy in.

Have been playing normally 25c/50c cash tables within the last few days, this has prooved alot more profitable for me as i find the players alot less skilled and i can easily often double up my buy in. Still decided to not touch my betfair account, and realy want to work on my Stars one and i realy like the games here. Plus i want some merchandise using my fpp's LoL!

however i shall keep u updated if i get any big big wins/losses in the near future..


STARS - $140