Monday, 31 December 2007

again again

for fuck sake, another £100 gone tonight, the most i was up was only £37, i tilted after some cunt hit his flush on river, it all went in on turn, COCK!

thats it

Sunday, 30 December 2007


lost another $50, shitty pokerstars just always fucks me over, no matter how good a read i make, takes piss..! fuck stars,

Friday, 28 December 2007


Lost another £25, made one bad call, which made me tilt it off...not badbeats, just bad play by shit

edit: Played on pokerstars afterwards, deposited $10, busted it, deposited $10, busted it, deposited $10, got it upto over $100, didn't cross my mind to leave, then bust the seems after one bad hand, i just tilt, and blow all my money..:S

Monday, 24 December 2007

Not so good

Played before on littlewoods, sat at 50p/£1 table, managed to get it up to £85 at one point, i then lost abit making a bad call. I then bust it on one hand, maybe a poor call by me, not sure. I got given 88 in earlyish position, i raise it up to £4, i have an aggressive look at the tab, one guy just flat calls me. Flop comes 467, i over bet the pot, thinking I'm ahead, he pushes all-in after thinking abit, he did this to me a few times before, i thought about it and then figured if he has an over pair, i might get lucky, any 5 or 8. I called for him to turn over QQ, nothing for me on turn or river, £95ish pot for him. I was thinking of re buying again, but decided against it just so i don't go chucking it away if i went tilted, it's nothing major to worry about though. Not sure when I'll play again now, sooner rather than later i think though.

Friday, 21 December 2007

Keeps on coming..

Just about to go out on the lash on mad friday, thought i'd deposit £25 and see what i can get i upto before we leave, i cashed out wit exactly £125, for £100 profit, awesome. I played loosely at times, and tight on others, the table was fairly weak, and they often folded to my raises pre, except for when i wanted the calls of course lolz.

Brings the total i have made from Littlewoods poker to a nice £343. Gud times indeed =)


Sunday, 16 December 2007


Decided to play tonight for the first time in over a week, been real busy last week, had to go down south to do this course ready for Afghanistan in May, so had no time for poker, however tonight, i sat at the usual 50p/£1 on littlewoods with £25, left with £79 for another nice small profit, my hands were played well, the majority of the money was off just c-bets etc, not many showdowns, biggest pot was like £47 with me all in pre with my AA vs 1010, it actually held up for once lolz. I seem to be doing well everytime on littlewoods now, i enjoy playing there alot, let this sucess never end :D

Gl all..

Friday, 7 December 2007

Bit more..

Put £25 into littlewoods again tonight, i busted the first buy in, by a silly call, my internet then decided to mess me around, i eventually sorted it, put another £25 in, got it upto £108, and left for a nice £58 proffit, played ok i guess, i got lucky when one guys draw never hit, and also got paid off with my AA, when some guy pushed with AK on a Ace high board, perfect!

Report soon!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Just as i..

Just as i think it's gonna be a bad week, of me losing more money etc etc, i sit at a £50p/£1 tab on Littlewoods, with £25, i turn it into £131 for a wicked profit, i was upto £150ish at one point, and im sure i would of been £200+ if i'd of stayed, but i couldnt risk losing it on a one bad hand, so i've withdrawn it. The table was easy going, with people often buying in for the min, and then being scared with it, easy to take. Few good hands that i think i played well..may post HH if can be arsed, speak soon.

Gone again..

The profit i've made over the last week or so was blown the other night, when i just sat down and lost every buy in within quick succesion, so annoyed, i played like i used to play, trying to double real quickly, no patience. To be fair, i started reasonably well, i put $40 on a table, and was over $100 at one point, then i made a bad call with QQ on a low flop, i knew he had a set, but like an idiot i couldnt lay it down, from that point on, i tilted and deposited more and wasted more, not good. Won't play for a few days now, i need a rest, and a think!

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Little by little..

Put $25 into PKR earlier, cashed out at $77 ish, table of fish, easy going, laters

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Getting by =)

Deposited $25 into PKR tonight, played a few of these mad 10 seater, all-in first hand SnG's loool...pretty funny, didnt win one lol...dropped down to like $7 after those, i then sat at a 10c/25c table, plenty of fish on there, i cashed out at $65, making a nice little proff, my play was faultless i believe, easily cleared those fish, so so easy, i also withdrew that $150 from pokerstars tonight, just so i don't bust it away lol, but i may deposit in the week.

Playing good, now its time for the pub... ohhh yehhhhh xD