Sunday, 26 October 2008

Continued wins for others

Played more on my Dad's account for him, and have so far made over $100. Played some more cash over doubling the buy in on two occasions. Also played a 10 player $10 SnG for him which i won for a $40 profit. I seem to play alot better with his money as i don't lose the head when i get sucked out on etc, i just take it and play on, because i don't wish to lose his money as a result of my recklessness. It's weird not tilting for once!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Poor day...for me..

Busted off the $50 that i built it up to within a day. From the start of the day i didn't really feel comfortable playing, and i dunno why i kept on, maybe boredom. However my dad has an account on PKR and said for me to have a go on there for him and see if i can make some money, so i did. Started on a 15c/25c with around $35 and left the table with about $84 i think so not a bad bit of poker. One notable hand was when i picked up 44, i raised it up, and 3 callers. Flop came 894 with 2 spades, one guy raised before me, i re-raised, and 2 called. Turn was a 10, one of the ones i didn't want to see tbh. Guy checked, i raised, and got re-raised by about $2 because someone pushed all-in for there last amount, the other guy called, as did i. River 8 giving me the boat, guy pushed and i called. One had JQ and another had a missed nut flush draw. Thank you river, although i don't feel sorry for the other guy because whats he doing calling a re-raise on the flop with a gutshot with 2 others in the hand. gg

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Not sure of fold..

I folded here as i did think i was dominated, is it the right move you think?

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to tomkendal [Jc Jd]
Gebi88 folds
kajacko raises to 240
mizle24 folds
helmutcz calls 240
mizle24 has returned
diamondaaa1 folds
toninoyoyo46 raises to 5,575, and is all in
tomkendal has 15 seconds left to act
tomkendal folds
DimondsInYoFace folds
Number917 calls 5,455
kajacko folds
helmutcz folds
toninoyoyo46 shows [Qd Ah]
Number917 shows [Ks As]
*** FLOP *** [2s 6d 4c]
*** TURN *** [2s 6d 4c] [7c]
*** RIVER *** [2s 6d 4c 7c] [8h]
toninoyoyo46 shows Ace Queen high
Number917 shows Ace King high
Number917 wins the pot (11,690) with Ace King high


Started a fresh small roll in Full Tilt by Starting with $20. Played a bit of small cash last night but ended up just above even. I then played one $5 SnG and took it down for $14 profit to add to the roll. I'm gonna play plenty more of these as there easy enough.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Bonus Play

Got £20 from the new littlewoods site, lost that in a $80 or so pot when a fish called my $4 raise pre and $6 c-bet, when i have AA, and he has 73o, hits a 3 on the flop, i check the turn to get more action on riv, he hit another 3...Whats worse is he hit and run!

Just released £10 Bonus from Partypoker, that went quickly too, when i call-raised all-in pre with jj, he then called my all in with A8s and hits his ace of course. I've then deposited £25 which i'm trying to spin up. I did double it earlier, but then made a bad timed bluff and went back to starting stack. The table is so loose and fishy, so i'm just trying to sit back abit, which isn't how i like to normally play, but gotta do whatever makes the most money i guess.

edit: Got it to £65, then got another £10 bonus. I removed £40, giving me at least £15 proff. I sat at the table with the rest, lost it all when i raised UTG with QQ, BB who was fukin awful at poker might i add re-raised all in, i called he has AK, low board until the king on the river. That was his only play that i'm not that annoyed about, the others, well...just plain disgusting.