Saturday, 22 September 2007

Live games..

Although ive been posting about my internet wins/losses, ive played quite abit of live poker recently also, in which ive played 10 times better.

First game was in rileys, 9 peeps on table, £10 buy in, first prize £60, second £30, i played very well throughout this game, the skill level was good, although not great, i managed to knock a large majority of the table out through a few good reads. It was a good spirited table and very enjoyable to play at.

It ended up me and this other guy heads up, and i was chip lead by a very long way, he was pushing with any good hands, and i didnt want to double him up, although him stealing the blinds was counting for alot also, he pushed when i was dealt 102h and i called him , he turned over A6, and i hit the flush...nice little profit.

Next game..
Played vs Bluescouse, moz, portdeco, jake and TJ (blue's brother)
It was a £5 rebuy and 1st was £60, 2nd £30. I think i played quite well, even though i will admit i hit a few lucky hands, but thats poker =) Cant realy remember too many hands, but the one i remember mainly is vs moz, we both were in the flop when it came j6x, i held j6, moz held j10, and thats where he went out =) soz mate lol..
Another was vs Bluescouse where he went all in pre flop with the short stack , it folded to me, and wasnt too much to call so i did with K2h, Blue turned over K4d, there were no 4's coming out as the other 3 were in folded hands lol, and i lucked a 2 =)

And the final hand is when i was heads up vs jake with me having chip lead, i hold Ah10s, jake j4, flop comes 10h jh kc, i raise, then get re-raised, i call, the turn is 6h, i check, jakes moves all in, after thinking for a long time, i thought i had to call, i have quite a few outs, any 10, any ace, any heart or queen, i call, and the river is the 3 of hearts (which portdeco called lol)...and i win £60..all good =)

Final small game tonight vs Murph heads-up, i gained chip lead quite early, but then hitting a big knock shortly after. I must admit, i was getting some good hands and hitting often. The final hand was wen i recieved k5. Murph raised 2x BB pre. Flop was 459, i raise then get re-raised all in by murph, I put him on something like AQ/AK, and say to him this, i thought for ages and ages about this, and then called as it was not alot more for me to do so, he turns over AQ (what a call lol), turn A, dear god :S and then i lucked a K on the river, £10 profit =)

So although ive bin losing online recently, live poker has done me good and i think ill be playing it alot more in future. Thats all for now =)


oh and i forgot to mention when i busted portdeco's AA. I held JQd, and he raised to something like 3x bb, i call, and there is an A showing on the table, i cant remember the other cards, all i know is that i hit the flush on the river (sick, soz mate)

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Waste more profit...

Desposited £10 into will hill, dropped to £6 quickly, then made my way upto £35, before busting it, when i hit top 2 pair on flop, and eventually pushed after raise - re-raise etc, he hit trips, which in all honesty i guessed, but i was hoping maybe a flush draw, but i dno, not playing well atm, need to stop n re-consider my play..!!

Wednesday, 19 September 2007


Well as per usual, ive gone to high up the stakes too fast, where i lost the entire bankroll, when the flop came AQK, i held KQ, he had AQ, he never raised pre so didnt put him on anything like that, i though maybe ace-low, but how i was wrong.

However not to worry, get paid soon, and im also going to the casino next friday with Bluescouse n some other mates which should be a good laugh, and hopefully profitable :)

I played a freeroll tonight in which i finished 132nd out of 1345, always finishing similar position at the moment, but hopefully my luck will change soon, going to start again next weekend depositing maybe $50, and working off that, and im going to stick to rules this time, no going above my stakes, and never going in a table with the whole bank roll...

I will post soon on sum hopefully good results in some freerolls :)

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Rollercoaster... bankroll has seen nothing like it just did..

i decided to start this evening like normal, buying in at a 10c/25c table for $10, and building off that, i busted once, twice, 3 times and so on, dont know why, but i was playing shit and kept re-buying in, when i shudda cut my losses and just left, i think it was because i just woke up but excuses aside..

I eventually went from $117 to like $40, so i thought fuck it, im going into a 50c/$1 table, i was still playing shit and went down to $12, at this point i thought im fucked basically, but i stuck at it...

I cashed out the table at $153 ;)

Few lucky hands, but that, i deserved!

First main hand...

I held QQ, sum1 raised pre to $3.50, i re-raised, he then pushed, i called, He turns A10..
Flop come 10710, i think im fucked, turn 2, river Q...w00t..first double up...

Hand after i pick up KK, same happens realy, except i don't go all in...basically, flop come 710Q, i raise, then get re raised, i called, turn K, i raise, get re- raised, call, river J, this is where i became careful because of the chance him having summit likt AQ, but i still bet out, he called, and mucked...perfic! =)

A few other good hands to get me up which i played well, but what a night, i come out up :D

gl gl

Saturday, 15 September 2007

$30k GTD

Well, i busted out at 126th of about 2600 people, getting a meer $41, but still i believed i played well, had alot of chips throughout, and was constantly within the top ten, but i didnt get ANY good hand for my last 5 rounds or so...was a joke, only good hand i hit was KK, which busted half my stack when KJ hit a Straight :(...ah well, was good fun despite lasting so so long...Heres a few screenies of when i was in...


Saturday, 8 September 2007

Micro Limits...

Since my last post, i aint realy played online at all, i been abit busy, i went to turkey for a week which was fun, and now im back at work, and today, ive finally managed to sort out my internet anywhere thing, so i can resume playing poker...

I have decided to play micro limits for a while, mainly to cut my losses, but also just to practice a few things ive been reading about. Seeing as i havent been playing, ive just mainly read about poker in Dan harringtons book, this gave me time to also take a break from the game and start fresh.

I intend to enforce better BRM from now on, so that i dont bust my whole roll in one game, im even thinking about taking on Chris Fergusons 10k challenge, which would be a very good way to practice my game, and also would make my blog alot more interesting i think.

Ive only had one game today, i bought in a 1c/2c table for $3 and left with $9.60. It was v easy imo, i cud easily see when i was against strong hands, as they'd usually bet out alot more lol...but i must admit, i was also getting the hands to bust these guys. I did bust about 4 people, but obviously they had little anyway.

Not much else to report, i'll be playing the bloggerment for the first time in like a month tommorow, and will be going into it with a very positive attitude. I'll keep you posted of my winnings/losses in the near future, till then, Chow!