Monday, 12 May 2008

Long time no play..

Tonight was the first proper night of poker I've had in a long time, I've deposited very little amounts here and there of late, however, each session has not had my full attention and i just generally couldn't be arsed to play.

Tonight i thought I'd give it a good go on Littlewoods, like the olden days, depositing £25, and sitting on either a 50p/£1 or 25p/50p table. All the 50p/£1 were full, so i opted for the 25p/50p. I started off slowly, just grinding my way up and up, with some very good steady poker, barely bluffing, and making some good reads. To be quite honest, the table was very soft, and often had fish coming on min buying in and busting, was great :D

I eventually grinded up to around £80 before getting 66, i just call as there was 2 callers before me. Flop is 1067 two spades. One bets £1.50, one caller after, i make it £5.50, they both call.

Turn is 3 of spades, now i was almost 100% sure someone hit the flush here. They both checked, but i bet £10, as one guy had only £8.50 left, but they other guy i was worried about as he still had about £90 behind him. The guy with £8.50 folds, 2ND guy calls v fast.

River is 3h, to my relief. I knew i was ahead now, however wasn't sure of the correct amount to bet in order to get a call, or maybe a raise. I bet £17.50 and got a call. He mucked j10s. Thank god for the river eh. This put me up to £125. The hand after i lost around £17 where i missed an OESD and flush draw and tried to bluff on river...but not too worry, still a nice little profit for the night.

I'll hopefully be playing a bit more often from now on, but only at this level, can't be doing with losing too much money right now...Need to save my pennies =)

anyway, post soon ;)