Saturday, 16 June 2007


Well last nite, i made around £25 profit on PKR. After a HU game against moz, which didnt go too well when i ran into his AA. I lost about $20 to moz in that game, i had only put $25 into my account so i hate $5 left to play around with, i decided to go into a 10c/25c table, and see what i could make of it, there were around 4 others on the table all with around $20 in there stack. I started off slow, but soon made it upto around $15, i held here for a while before winning a $10 pot, making me upto $25. I soon after hit a massive pot as a player (who was on tilt) rebought for another $25 and went all in after the flop wen i had the nuts, i cant say how annoyed he was at this but there was alot of cursing.. :D, this made me upto $50 and i made another couple $ but decided to call it a night (at this time it was 5am).

just a small update, but better than nothing :D

Sunday, 3 June 2007


Had a game tonight, bought in on Betfair for $40/£20, went straight into a 50c/$1 table, and played way too aggressive straight away without getting to know the players on the table, it wasnt long before i was down about $10 or so, i had a few good wins, but they were shortlived. I eventually lost the majority of my money with a bad hand, i held A,3, and one other held QQ, i hit trips on the flop, i bet 80c, he called, turn came 7, i bet $1.50, he called, river came Q, i pushed for $5.00 he called, to my dissapointment.

I then left that table and went to a lower stakes 10c/20c. I played here for about an hour. I started the table with $4.54, and within about 3 mins, i was upto $11, as i hit a good few poket pairs which turned to trips, and collected a few small pots. I then made my way upto $27 by hitting a house against a few players who pushed all in pre-flop, they pushed all in, i held A, 10, i called there bets, the flop came A, 3, 10, turn 7, river A. Bit of a lucky one for me (for once). I then hit a few bad beats, eventually dropping to about $7, i felt i was not going to last much longer, till i hit a house again, making my way upto $15. I held at this sum for about 10 mins, uptill a big hand came, a guy raised pre-flop to about 80c, i called with A,10. The flop came, 10c,9c,10d, abviously i hit trips, he bet $4 which made me think he had a flush draw, i decided to call, turn came 2s, he bet another $4, i called, the river came 5c, he pushed all in with about $5.70, at this point i was 90% sure he hit his flush, and that i had a lesser hand, i decided that i've already bet too much to go back, i called whilst cringing, but he turn over KJ of diamonds? i was like wtf, he bluffed all that way haha, to a pleasant suprise, i then won a few small hand thereafter this making my way up to eventually $41, making me up $1 haha. I decided to call it a night and try again tommorow.

I think i did quite well tonight coming back from a small $4.54 to $41, but from now on i think ill just not play aggressive so quickly, try to get to know the players, and try to work on them from that angle.

post again soon :)