Saturday, 16 June 2007


Well last nite, i made around £25 profit on PKR. After a HU game against moz, which didnt go too well when i ran into his AA. I lost about $20 to moz in that game, i had only put $25 into my account so i hate $5 left to play around with, i decided to go into a 10c/25c table, and see what i could make of it, there were around 4 others on the table all with around $20 in there stack. I started off slow, but soon made it upto around $15, i held here for a while before winning a $10 pot, making me upto $25. I soon after hit a massive pot as a player (who was on tilt) rebought for another $25 and went all in after the flop wen i had the nuts, i cant say how annoyed he was at this but there was alot of cursing.. :D, this made me upto $50 and i made another couple $ but decided to call it a night (at this time it was 5am).

just a small update, but better than nothing :D

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