Thursday, 9 August 2007

Slowly Slowly...

Bin Playing a bit i spose, making a bit of profit here and there, have decided to try a new approach to my stars Bankroll, going to grizz it out and make a small profit day by day, then when i reach say $1000, il up the stakes on cash tables and then grizz it out on them, slowly making profit, however this way, i cant lose a large amount of my BR, which wud probobly make me go on tilt anyway, then busting it all.

I've managed to bring my bankroll up further (as u can see) from $215 - $330, within 3 days, which is not a bad increase, keeping at this pace for a few months would be a great achivement for me and wud change alot of things, i'll post a few hands up ive played soon, till then, wish me luck :D

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Amatay said...

ok cool, i'll do the same. Guess you cant sleep either lol ;-)