Monday, 24 December 2007

Not so good

Played before on littlewoods, sat at 50p/£1 table, managed to get it up to £85 at one point, i then lost abit making a bad call. I then bust it on one hand, maybe a poor call by me, not sure. I got given 88 in earlyish position, i raise it up to £4, i have an aggressive look at the tab, one guy just flat calls me. Flop comes 467, i over bet the pot, thinking I'm ahead, he pushes all-in after thinking abit, he did this to me a few times before, i thought about it and then figured if he has an over pair, i might get lucky, any 5 or 8. I called for him to turn over QQ, nothing for me on turn or river, £95ish pot for him. I was thinking of re buying again, but decided against it just so i don't go chucking it away if i went tilted, it's nothing major to worry about though. Not sure when I'll play again now, sooner rather than later i think though.

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Hellboy65 said...

Keep rollin with the punches tommy! You'l be fine