Friday, 11 January 2008

Chill pill, then continue!

I decided to take a break after such bad beats earlier on, watched phone booth on tv lol, bit of a nap, i then woke up around 01.30. I sat at the normal $0.50/$1 table with a buy-in of $40. I played the best i've played for a long time now, my reads on the fish were perfect almost everytime. I was also actually hitting my flushes, oesd's etc etc lol..which always helps!
I left the table with a stack of $233 for $193 profit. That's just about covered my losses for earlier on lol, thank f00k, because i think i almost broke my knuckle earlier from smacking shit outta the wall when that king came on the river lol. Time for some more me thinks! GL

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