Friday, 4 January 2008

Littlewoods bad, Betfair ok!

I managed to blow the whole Littlewoods roll within 2 hours, i was getting drawn out on alot, and i mean alot lol, and it somewhat tilted me (as it usually does) therefore i managed to chuck the lot, re-buy after re-buy, it's no disaster though, it was only rakeback i was playing with. Betfair on the other hand was somewhat better, started with £39 tonight, 4 tabled on 2x 5c/10c and 2x 10c/20c. Managed a profit on £20 bringing the betfair roll upto £59. Gonna pack it in for tonight though, Bluescouse needs my help i guess, dripping money on my left here, muahahahha...$100/$200...pffff....nothing! lol

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