Thursday, 3 January 2008

Roll Started..

Ok, i decided to start a roll, and try and enforce some rules to stick by etc. I have only deposited £25/$50, and i've been multi-tabbing for a few hours tonight on 5c/10c tables, way way too low for me liking, but it has to be done, hopefully i'll be able to build this roll into summit special this time, and not blow it away lol. It has been up and down tonight so far, but i've finished the night with a roll of £39.55/$78.43. Not too bad for the first night at it, was sitting at 4 tables with $5 starting stack each time. It's not too bad, because your almost guaranteed a call everytime at this level lol, only bad point im worried about is that it may lower my level of play? Unsure, but time will tell im sure. GL

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BurnleyMik said...

Great idea mate!!! It's really tough at the start as it feels like it takes so long to get anywhere, but now you are on the right road.

Also when you say you are worried it might lower your level of play, I think its actually the oppposite, you have to adapt to different players and tables all the time so showing you can win this level would just be another feather in your cap.


will be wathing with interest!