Friday, 25 January 2008

A small loss

Lost $100 tonight, $50 of which i had left in Full tilt, and another $50 which i deposited afterwards. The first was through not hitting anything whenever i'd raise, the 2nd amount, i managed to get it upto about $90 before i get given AK, i make it $8 in the cut off, BB re-raises to $21, i call, flop is Q6K, he bets $28, i make it like nearly all-in for me, he re-raises, and i obviously aint folding now that the majority of my money is in, he turns over 66 and nothing to help me on turn or river. Oh well, bad play by me, will play tommorow maybe.

EDIT: Lost $150 more, the first buy-in was when some cunt who had trips, beat my turned flush, by making a house, then 2nd was when i make flush on turn again, he makes trips on turn also, river makes him quads, fuckin joke, 3rd was tilted play!

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