Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Further Sucess

I have been playing $5 SnG's all day today, and had a mixed result, winning some, 2nd placing some and missing on the money a few times too, i was playing two 6 seater sng's when i thought i'd try a $5 45 seater, i managed to take that down for a nice $85, bringing the total roll upto $162 since yesterday. I'm now going to withdraw the $50 i first deposited and play with the profit, and try and make the best of it, doing nothing but $5 sngs for the meantime.

I feel my game has realy improved recently, and i hope this continues, i'm going to play a few more tonight, ive also got the £7k GTD i qualified for yesterday on littlewoods, and im hoping for a result in that too =)


Cam said...

Nice results, keep it up! Any idea if Bluescouse is planning to update his blog again or has he given up on it now?

Tom Kendal (gravedigger) said...
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Tom Kendal (gravedigger) said...

Cheers. Erm not 100% tbh mate, i haven't spoke to him about his blog, but im sure he'll update it sometime soon dont worry ;)