Thursday, 11 September 2008

Level day

Not a great day today. I started off well, winning the first couple sng's i played, but i then had a massive stroke of bad luck, i was always getting unlucky. Like when i push with QQ when its down to HU in one sng, and get called with Q7 only for him to hit a straight etc etc. My roll went down to $130 ish, and i was a bit fed up of sng's, so i sat at 3 tables of 10c/25c and managed to bring the roll back upto around $170.

I should realy stop going on cash as it could seriously damage my slow grinding roll at some stage, but for now it's ok. I may do a cash table here and there from now on, but i still mainly want to focus on $5 sngs for now.

On a non-poker front, i'm out of the Army now, and need a job lol. So unless i become a millionaire within the next month =) it's job hunt time!

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