Sunday, 21 September 2008

Mixed results..

Managed to bust off that money i left in my account to play with. It was when me and one other were all in on the flop when i had a set of tens and he had an open ended straight draw and hit on river.

Today entered a freeroll with 2000 people in on Party poker, came 89Th for $10. Last hand was when i had QQ and i didn't have many chips at all, so pushed and got called by J10o and K7, board came 67389, and that was that.

Put that $10 all on a 10c/25c table and busted fairly early when i pushed on a 236 flop with 88 and got insta called with KK...:/ oh well...not a lot i could do there.

I've been playing on Party poker since last night, and really do like it, it's full of fish and i enjoy playing on there, so looking to create my main roll on there next =)


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