Saturday, 25 October 2008

Poor day...for me..

Busted off the $50 that i built it up to within a day. From the start of the day i didn't really feel comfortable playing, and i dunno why i kept on, maybe boredom. However my dad has an account on PKR and said for me to have a go on there for him and see if i can make some money, so i did. Started on a 15c/25c with around $35 and left the table with about $84 i think so not a bad bit of poker. One notable hand was when i picked up 44, i raised it up, and 3 callers. Flop came 894 with 2 spades, one guy raised before me, i re-raised, and 2 called. Turn was a 10, one of the ones i didn't want to see tbh. Guy checked, i raised, and got re-raised by about $2 because someone pushed all-in for there last amount, the other guy called, as did i. River 8 giving me the boat, guy pushed and i called. One had JQ and another had a missed nut flush draw. Thank you river, although i don't feel sorry for the other guy because whats he doing calling a re-raise on the flop with a gutshot with 2 others in the hand. gg

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