Saturday, 14 July 2007

Biggest Win..

Well i aint posted in a while, mainly coz i forgot my login, but now i have remembered it, so thought it was time to make a post. Ive had a few ups and downs losing money here n there, but i have just finished a tournement in 1st position out of 34. It was a $1500 guaranteed tourney, in which the first prize was $600 (£300). Im over the moon i won it, mainly because it reassured that my different style of play ive been enforcing recently is working. The winning hand was AK vs his AQ, i pushed pre-flop as i had him well covered, and nothing came.

I also had a small live tourney, in which i came 2nd ( to ed ), but i believe i played very well. Heads up between me and ed lasted well over and hour in which im very proud.

Well thats all for now as im tired, ive left a link showing my win below if ya wanna check it out.

see ya soon :D


portdeco20 said...

who's this? comment on my blog, is it ayd?

portdeco20 said...

oh right, cool u playin online now? wat site?

Moz_12 said...

Hey Tom lad! Nice to hear the profit there, I may have to get my betfair up and runnin when I get paid, also shud defo have a game at Eds!

Good luck champ!