Wednesday, 19 September 2007


Well as per usual, ive gone to high up the stakes too fast, where i lost the entire bankroll, when the flop came AQK, i held KQ, he had AQ, he never raised pre so didnt put him on anything like that, i though maybe ace-low, but how i was wrong.

However not to worry, get paid soon, and im also going to the casino next friday with Bluescouse n some other mates which should be a good laugh, and hopefully profitable :)

I played a freeroll tonight in which i finished 132nd out of 1345, always finishing similar position at the moment, but hopefully my luck will change soon, going to start again next weekend depositing maybe $50, and working off that, and im going to stick to rules this time, no going above my stakes, and never going in a table with the whole bank roll...

I will post soon on sum hopefully good results in some freerolls :)

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