Tuesday, 18 September 2007


WOW..my bankroll has seen nothing like it just did..

i decided to start this evening like normal, buying in at a 10c/25c table for $10, and building off that, i busted once, twice, 3 times and so on, dont know why, but i was playing shit and kept re-buying in, when i shudda cut my losses and just left, i think it was because i just woke up but excuses aside..

I eventually went from $117 to like $40, so i thought fuck it, im going into a 50c/$1 table, i was still playing shit and went down to $12, at this point i thought im fucked basically, but i stuck at it...

I cashed out the table at $153 ;)

Few lucky hands, but that, i deserved!

First main hand...

I held QQ, sum1 raised pre to $3.50, i re-raised, he then pushed, i called, He turns A10..
Flop come 10710, i think im fucked, turn 2, river Q...w00t..first double up...

Hand after i pick up KK, same happens realy, except i don't go all in...basically, flop come 710Q, i raise, then get re raised, i called, turn K, i raise, get re- raised, call, river J, this is where i became careful because of the chance him having summit likt AQ, but i still bet out, he called, and mucked...perfic! =)

A few other good hands to get me up which i played well, but what a night, i come out up :D

gl gl

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