Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Bad all week, until tonight...

I have played a bit since last post, and to cut a long story short, i've been playing pathectically, depositing $20 here and there, then busting it all away. It's made me real depressed therefore making my play even WORSE!! I've been thinking for long periods, looking back on bad calls/raises at the worse times, and started to think i'm a playing like a fish, and am no better than the average joe.

Tonight, i deposited $40, and decided to try play the $11 rebuy - $45K GTD on pokerstars, i was running ok, although i did rebuy 3 times altogether, i was running ok, until i hit a sick hand. I recieved KK on the button, there was one raiser before me and i re-raised him x3, everyone else folded, he called, flop came Jxx, he bets 3xBB, i re-raise him 3x, he pushed, and i thought for about 20 secs, then called ( I was 95% sure he had AJ) - sure enough he did, turn came J, river x....and that was me, coudln't rebuy. So i decided some to play cash, and i went into the game thinking i was gonna bust it, because over the last 3 weeks, i've been playing so so bad online its unbelievable, so on tilt...i built my £9 into $50, before losing abit to $35. Everyone left that table so i joined 2 tables, one with $25 in one, and $10 in the other, (both 10c/25c tables)

I left one with $40, and the other with $30, making a nice little profit for the night (the first time in a while)

Tonight made my self confidence in my game came right back, and i feel good again about my play. Im making good folds, and some very good calls/reads. Im going casino on friday with Bluescouse and Hellboy, as our last trip there was cancelled =) but i feel good about it and am hoping to make some profit with my newly found confidence. I shall next post probs after fri to give a run down on how it went =)

until then GL FISHAYS

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portdeco20 said...

good to see its turning around tom, be patient mate! gl