Saturday, 6 October 2007


Well, as planned, Me, Bluescouse, Moz and Hellboy went to the casino last night to play in a £5 Rebuy tourney with 158 entrants. It started off very aggresive as predicted, and i found myself all in preflop with my first hand lool..I had A10d in last position with one guy all in before me, he turned KJo, and ace high won it =)

2 hands later i doubled up again with ace high when i had AQ. This sucess was shortlived, when i found myself all in pre flop again, but this time with 3 others. I had QQ, one guy turned JJ, another KK and the final guy 88. Flop Q76, turn 5, river 4 loool...88 takes it down.

All in all i re-bought 3 times and added on once. After the rebuy period i had no chips, so i was starting from minimum (2k)
Moz went out early after the rebuy, which was a shame, however i was told a few sick hands in which he lost, and made the right play with.

After a while i found Hellboy and Bluescouse had gone out aswell (in that order) so it was down to me. By now i was sitting comfortably with about 13k in chips from a huge pot in which 4 were involved, an my ace high flush taking it down.

Eventually, i made it to he final table, although wih probobly with one of the shorter stacks on there. The final table was kind to me (for once) giving me a few lucky hands, in which i real should have gone out too. First one i remember was when i had JdJc in about mid position, i pushed with less than average chips, and had one caller. He turns AQ, flop AcQcX, Turn is a club (making any club good for me and any jack) River is a Jack! Booyaaa lol...

Next sick hand, i was still relatively shortstacked and needed to double up again, I pushed in rather later position with K9d, got one instant call, he turns KK, and i thougt this is were is ends, until i hit trip 9's lool...sick.

By this time i had plenty of chips and could start to bully, which i did in some cases. I was calling any desperate all ins with medioca hands as i could afford it and wanted them out. Most of the time i got lucky and knocked them out, giving me more chips for bullying lol.

It ended me and this other guy heads up, with me a considerably chip lead. I was very aggresive in heads up (maybe too aggresive) but i was stealing the blinds all the time. I made a very bad call when i was drawing to any club or queen on the river, however i was pot commited and couldnt get away from i realy. This basically knocked me right down. I made one double up however he soon got lucky, when i was Dealt JJ, i pushed (as i was doing nearly everyhand) he called with k7 :/ and spiked a king on the river lol...however 2nd was a good result, gaining me a £600 prize, although we agreed before it started that if we cashed, we would give 10% to each other then the winner gets 70%. So i took £420, with each of the lads taking £60, and a small proff. Good times lol.

Just like to thank Bluescouse, Moz and Hellboy for there support, there were my fan club cheering me all the way lol..cheers lads ;)

So my live streak continues, and may it never end =)

Post soon..


portdeco20 said...

very very nice tom, congrats on ur best live result???? i think???

anyway, wp u lucky fish ;)

Kirby the German Roofer said...

Roofer here (BurnleyMicks Brother) Just wondering if you could pop by my blog have a read and maybe link me up if you like what you see. Cheers