Friday, 12 October 2007

Bit more internet proff...

I've actually made about $65 in about 2 hours of play on 5/10c, which i believe is quite good going, i've been playing real well recently, and am starting to think my poker as a whole has taking a turn for the better, and that i'm making some very good moves. I've been multi-tabling alot more which i also find better than the usual one tab.

I've not realy played at all this week, as have been busy in work, fixing the tankys =) and am just too knackered when i get back to the room. Going out in chester tommorow, with the fishys like Bluescouse, Moz n such, lol, should be a good laugh and i'm realy looking forward to it. I most prob won't be in the Bloggerment "again" this week as i will be travelling back up to camp in Catterick which kinda sucks, but oh well.

I'm hoping to have a bit more free time this week to play, and maybe make some profit, but we shall see.

Until then =)

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