Monday, 15 October 2007

Night Out..Classic..

Where to begin lol, well i know, Bluescouse was busted and spent the night in a cell which i found hilarious, yet he still fails to find the funny side...hmmm loool. Drunk and disorderly Blue failed to make it to the clubs im afraid to say, and had to pay a nice £50 fine =)
He also spent the most of today stinking of puke lol, until we made him buy some new clothes for the journey home haha. He will never here the end of this.

Me and Moz were almost busted later on, at like 5am for stealing cones, and road signs, when a police car pulled alongside some very knackered and drunked us running down the main road like tits.

The night all in all was very good fun, i got extremely drunk and made an absoloute idiot of myself on the dance floor, but who cares, because i didn't. Tried out plenty of cocktails n stuff, main one we did was something called The Gas Chamber, which is basically where the bar-tender lights one glass of this drink, and puts it on top of the other glass, thus creating smoke inside the two, which you have to inhale through a straw quickly followed by necking the drink. Was kinda hard to keep down lol..and soon found its was into the toilet, but hey, it was worth it.

We also visited this Strip-Club/Casino where you could use your chips to only buy Drinks and Dances, i didn't spend long here, before going to the main club. I'd been here before and it was a right laugh.

I'd cant realy remember much else, as the head is still a bit misty, but i'll re-post at a later date saying what else happened lol..

Nothing to add on the poker side, and probs won't play for a few days.

Post Soon =)


BurnleyMik said...


Loonies!! As long as you had a good time allz good!

portdeco20 said...

mate, funny as fuck, but i really dont think ed will appreciate u posting about him gettin arrested!

Amatay said...

ahahahahaha Ed got banged oooop looooooooool. Sounds like a cracking night m8 ahahha

Moz_12 said...

LMAO!! Ed outside spoons when we went there for breakfast in the morning possibly the funniest thing ive seen along with when he was surrounded by 3 police officers, me and his bro went to run off but only made 3 steps before landin flat on his face in the middle of the road!! think i shit myself laughing! almost shit myself a well when those cops pulled up, but what a night!!