Friday, 19 October 2007


Gone bust in stars for being a dick again, also lost another £30 live tonight in a small cash game playing like an idiot, shittest poker i've ever played tonight, about to enter a tourney, if i don't cash, i dont know where im going, money is very low, bills yet to come, and i am in a right state.

Lowest point for me atm, doesn't sound much, but im starting to worry...even though i should of started too a long time ago...

To make things worse, work is getting me very down, because i'm being put on dutys left right and centre, costing me money to get back to work, money which i don't have. This next week could be an interesting one, anyone says the wrong thing, i'll just kick off.

Probs will be seeing the doc in the week...God this sux.

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