Monday, 5 November 2007

Can i stop winning?...

Let's hope not..

I placed a bet on Calzaghe this weekend, £50 on betfair, obviously he won, i got a small proff of £38 or summit, which i was pleased about. Made the night a whole lot better, wudda been on a downer if i lost lol. Been on the tables also briefly, sat at the usual 10c/25c table with $15, and soon got upto $40+ again, before cashing out. The roll is flying along, and im feeling awesome about my game. Lets hope this long awaited sucess continues =)

Happy to say though Bluescouse (ed) managed to not get arreseted this weekend (applause) lol...good going to him, although i did drop him flat on his face whilst pissed, and trying to give him a running piggy back, that was hilarious, as i saw him overtaking me in mid air, haha, his face was a picture. Tbh though, i think i come off worse, as i managed to headbutt a f00kin car bumper on the way down, haha, good times.

Not much else to report, gl all..


BurnleyMik said...

LMFAO, you guys are nutz when you are pissed! Sounds like a top night.

Good to hear the BankRoll is flying along!

portdeco20 said...

you fukin cunts!! try inviting me out sometime lol...sounds like a hoot

Amatay said...

fucking vandals ahaha. lol at poor Deco, bless the ickle fishay