Friday, 2 November 2007

Rolling well..

Had a few sessions this week, playing awesome, my bankroll is starting to look up. I seem to be doubling/tripling up my buy in everytime i play. Loving my game at the moment, can't seem to lose, loving it. I have been playing 10c/25c cash tabs and usually buy in for $15, and not often leave with less than $40 odd.

My new objective, is to nail the $200 mark buy end of play next friday. If i manage that, i'll be over the moon, as it will confirm me playing good again, i'll try post a few hands up during the week to evaluate my play further, *all comments welcome*.

On the work front, all is well, been quite busy but i enjoy that as the week flys buy then. I went out on the lash last night, as one of the guys is leaving the army, so me and a few lads said we'd come along for a few pints also. As always, a few turned into quite a few, and it ended up us being absolutely minging, in a night club, on a thursday night, with not a care in the world that theres work the next day loool. We were meant to be up at work for 8am, even though we did not arrive back at camp (sumhow) until 4am. Safely to say we awoke at 9am. Luckily, most of the bosses were also wasted and turned in late aswell, what a night though, some of the things we did, i not dare say, however, all good fun!

GL =)