Thursday, 29 November 2007

Hit, bust, Hit, bust...

Arghhh, annoying, i deposit $40, don't cash in a few SnG's, go down to about $18. I sit at a 25c/50c tab, get it upto $168, then spunk it off, mainly in a hand where i get AA, one raiser pre, he makes it $1.50, i make it $4.50, he flat calls, flop is queen high, he check calls my $4.50 C-bet, turn is nothng, i bet $7.50, he flat calls again, river is a 10, i lead out for $16.50 to make look like a stupid steal, he then pushes for another $38, it takes me ages to think, but i dno, think all sorts, but i just cant muck it, i call, to find the fish had 1010, lucky cunt!

I then tilted and blew the rest being aggresive lol, rebought for $40, got it to $127, spunked it, and again rebought now for another $40, got it currently at $82, but it will surely go. I realy shudda left when i got it too $168, but there was this fish on there that was paying out lol, maybe im too greedy, i dno, but i got unlucky, my poker play was perfect up unitl then, faultless, loved my play, ahh well, lets see if i can get this above $120, ill try force myself to cash out even for this evening...however this may proove difficult, gl

EDIT: I managed to pull myself together and get it upto $148, some good reads also helped, damm fish didnt know what hit em, muahah :P


BurnleyMik said...

HAHAHA!! good lad.

IMO you don't wanna be leaving a juicy table when there is a fish on it! Stay as long as you can against them!!

The AA hand is just a cooler. Keep going mate!

portdeco20 said...

been there