Wednesday, 28 November 2007

$45,000 GTD

Played the $11 rebuy tourn, managed 56th out of 1314 peeps for a $127 prize, i shudda done so much better, but it wasn't to be, i was in the top ten chipstacks, when i get given a9d in middle position, i raise it up to 17.25k, blinds are at 3000/6000. I get 2 callers. Flop comes 7d3d5s, i make it 32k, i get re-raised behind me to 87.5k, the next guy pushes all-in for a total of 275k, covering my stack. I figure im good against trips or overpairs hoping to suckout and hit my diamond, but it wasn't to be, i called, so did the guy behind, one turns 88, the other has 33, the turn is a 6c, river 5c, ending it all for me. The lucky mofo wins a 475k pot, and gets chip lead by a long way. But oh well, a small proff.

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