Monday, 12 November 2007

Swings and roundabouts..

Well my roll yesterday evening was $20, and that was put all on a 9 seater SnG in which i hoped to cash in, i was rolling well in it, then i had to leave Bluescouse's house, to travel back to camp, i asked him if he wanted to carry on for me, he managed 2nd for a sweet $54 (cheers mate).

I got back to camp, last night and had a sesh with the $54 all going on the line, and had another sesh tonight, both times on 50c/$1, the roll now stands at $305. Both lasting about 2.5 hrs each, very good play by me i believe, best i've probobly played on such a table, i think im used to the play there now, and will play more often. Making good reads atm, pretty chuffed, going to carry on trying to grind up the roll, with no more crazy play, like i did on sunday morning to almost bust the roll.

Speak soon fishkens


Amatay said...

You not doing the tagged thing Tom? lol. Dont blame ya m8. LMFAO at Deco's post. The cheekay coount had a small dig at me!! WTF calling me a slut lolol grrrr

Yorkshire Pudding said...

How is BlueScouse, no updates for ages.

Nice to see the roll moving upwards

Tom Kendal (gravedigger) said...

lol amatay, nah mate i aint,:D

lol @ Deco, ;P

Bluescouse is good mate, im slowly teaching him how to play poker, u know the score lolz. Nah i know, no updates, whats he like, ill make him do one soon :D

The roll is f00kd now though lol, just cba to make a post also atm...hehe