Wednesday, 21 November 2007


So i bust the $300 or so roll i managed to build from $40 because i kept re buying whilst on tilt, but, i think i have found the prob as to why i bust every time, i thinks it because when i sit at a table, i try get into into the game to fast, whereas i should sit back and evaluate the players and the play in general. When i bust one buy-in, i'm not thinking, why did i bust? what did i do wrong? I just insta re buy to try and recoup the losses. This is my problem, when i start to play bad/bust a buy in, i keep doing so, where i should sit back, maybe take a break. I'm gonna try an enforce these rules the best i can from now on. I deposited $50 yesterday, and its now at $127, i played 50c/$1. This may seem high for that deposit, but I'm careful on the table, and i also feel that i can play alot better than these players, i will only drop to 25c/50c maybe if i take a bad beat, but fuck 10c/25c lol, I'm fed up of that fishy play. You just can't push them off any shitty thing.

I'm also gonna try and make the blog more interesting, as lets face it, its pretty shitty atm, any advice is welcomed =)


EDIT: Dropped down to $113, so i withdrew $63, and left $50, i managed to spin that $50 upto $140 by some good play on 50c/$1. I withdrew $100 (as i need it lool) and left $40 in there. I'll see what i can do with this now over the next few days or so. gl

^^^ I got that $40 upto $67 before busting it after my set on the flop was lower than his. How Sick is set on set lool..not to worry though, still in proff!


Michael said...

Hi Mate,

Can you drop an email regarding a biz proposal to

Many Thanks

Tom Kendal (gravedigger) said...

Hi michael, i've attempted to send you an e-mail regarding your proposal, however there was a problem with your address, if you could e-mail me at: