Sunday, 13 January 2008

- £100

Bad session last night, i lost first few buy-in's fairly fast with some unlucky hands, on being where i flop 2 pair, and some guy has flush draw, and of course he hit's after the money is all-in on the flop, and everytime my money went in on the flop for a straight or flush draw, i of course missed everytime. I then managed to turn my third buy-in of £25 into £165 before losing a large majority whilst betting on draws that never came etc. Then came a £190 pot that i lost when i get given 66 in the button, i raise it upto £4, sb folds, bb makes it £9, i flat call. Flop comes down 6c 9h 2c. I make it £9, bb raises to £22, i re-raise to £45, he pushes all-in and i instant call, he holds KcQc, the turn is a club and the river doesnt pair the board, gayyyyyy lol.

My final buy-in was spun up to £85 ish before me busting it making some tilted calls, and some bad bets. Not the best of nights, and i shudda easily got out at £165, and i knew i was in for £75 at that point already and can't be doing with losing that money. Oh well, not sure when next session will be. Will find out in the week =)

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Rob said...

ul, seems like it was one of those sessions where u ever win big or lose big, next time you'll probably win it all back and then some