Saturday, 19 January 2008

Pissed up bad, Hungover good!

I come back last night from the pub, and decided i wanted to play poker lol...I firstly deposited £30 and lost it with my second hand i think lol, i did same again, and lost that within 5 mins, and then i did 2 more deposits of £25 and lost the first one, and fell asleep at the table with the second one loool.

However when i woke up this morning, i thought i'd try and play that £25 that i had left, i sat at a $1/2 table with the buy in of $50. I was steady around this mark for a while, before winning a few small pots getting me upto around the $90 ish mark. I then got lucked out on a few times, back to $50. Then i make a big call with this fish one the table, i called with a pair of 6's on a queen high board, his betting was all wrong, and he was easy to read. He often liked to re-raise pre-flop with any two. It's safe to say that he paid me off. Up to around $100. I made a same sorta call with a pair of 7's when there was a J, K and an ace on the board, for a $114 pot. $214 ish. Again i won a few good pots against this guy before i won the big pot.
I get given Jd Jh in the button, it folds around to me, i make it $8, SB folds, BB makes it $24 (as he usually does after i raise the button) I over-raised it, because i thought theres more of a chance of this guy calling here, as it would look like a stupid bet, i make it $72, he flat calls. Flop comes [9c Th Qh] he checks, i bet $110, he re-raises to $151 and is now all-in, i call the $41, he turns over 5c 10c, turn and river are nothing cards, and i take down the $444 pot. Bringing my stack to $516. So within an hour, i turned $50 into over $500, which i figured was quite good, i played about 20 more hands before cashing out as it's safe to say, i need the money lool. I would of loved to of stayed because he kept re buying, but i didn't want to really risk it. So i won back last nights losses and also this weeks losses with some to spare. THANK GOD!


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