Monday, 28 January 2008

Down more

Lost £100 playing $2.50/$5 yesterday, it was mainly tilted play that lost it for me, i was making such loose calls and found normal folds very hard to do. Ive lost a large majority of all the profit that ive made this month, which once stood at about $800. I realy need to find a way to stop tilting so easily after a few bad beats. Any ideas as to how you guys get over them?


Dremeber said...

The first thing you need to find out is what exactly is making you tilt. Do you feel it coming or does it come a like lightning?
I try to examen all my SNGs where I did not cash and try to make a honest evaluation. Did I give him the right odds to call, etc ...
I'm trying to find way how I can predict a new tilt, cause if you can do that you will save yourself a lot of money.


Amatay said...

a nice suck out usually helps tilt lol