Tuesday, 29 January 2008

£25 down, starting small roll

Lost £25 on Littlewoods last night, when some guy called an all-in on the turn with a flush draw and managed to hit, vs my AA, wat a cock lol, was like a £75 pot i think. Cant realy remember, i just slammed shut the laptop and went to sleep. I've just deposited a small $10 in pokerstars(gay) which im gonna just use to practise and hopefully come off tilt for a while. Gonna play some low limit and some small SnG's most probs. Don't know how long it will be before im back playing $1/2 and $2.50/5. Not long though i hope, most probs will be when i feel like im fully off tilt and playing well again. I'm also gonna read Dan Harringtons second book which i've just bought, i enjoyed his first one, and i recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about poker.

Also it's my b'day on Friday which should be cool, gonna go to the casino and gabooool some and on saturday, hopefully going to Cardiff on the lash with fishscouse and the gang =) I'll post if anything mad happens. 99.9% chance of this btw...lol


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