Thursday, 31 January 2008


I busted that small roll in Pokerstars i had, got it up to around $27 on low stakes tables, but then i just got bored and started to call lesser hands. I then deposited $50 into Full tilt after i said i wouldn't, i lost that fairly quickly. I think all these losses recently are actually down to me being a impateint cunt lol. I need to be doing something all the time. Saying that, in tournaments, im not so bad, i can wait for the hands and play them well, but when i play cash, i just seem to want to double up realy fast, and win realy fast, and i think this might be the main reason i'm losing at the moment. I need to find something to pre-occupy me whilst i play, so that i'm not a calling station lol. I'm going to deposit $50 into one site tonight, and i'm going to grind it, playing the correct stakes, and alot of tourneys i think. Let's see how long this lasts.

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