Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Tournament Results

Played a $4.40 180 man SnG just now, i was chip lead for a large majority towards the end of the tourney, by a long long way, over double anyone else, then this fish joined my table, and would call anything, with any hand, wtf he was still doing in the tourney this late on i was thinking, he called down my bets when i was flush drawing, with Ace high, no draws, no nothing, the fkin cock. Somehow he just lucked out every time, did my head in. Anyway, because of that retard i managed a lame 13Th position for a measly $8.64. I was also simultaneously playing a triple shootout to the sunday million, and i messed up on that to come 19th out of 216 and not to get anything lol. What a waste of a couple hours.

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DasLoot said...


Sounds like Ed joined your table