Sunday, 6 January 2008

Slippery Slope!

After last post i re-deposited another £50, £25 went on playing 3 card poker in Littlewoods casino, the other £25 on 2 x 15p/25p tables, i also spent my £50 bonus from Littlewoods in the casino area. The poker table sent me insane, i actually felt physically sick. The hand was this: I get given AKc in late position, one guy had made it 75p pre, i re-raise to £2.25, he flat calls, flop is 7QK rainbow, i bet out another £2.25, he calls, turn is a 3, i check, hoping for him to bet, he does bet £2.50, i make it £6.66, he calls, river is a Q, i know he has it, he bets out and i had to call, was like £4 or summit more, he hold can u get round this SHIT!

I've finally come to terms that i'm addicted, im so so shit with money, i just re buy and re buy when I'm tilted and playing bad, upping the stakes all the time, I've got just over £100 left to last me a month, £40 will go on petrol tomorrow to get me back up north for work, the rest is needed for food..I'm thinking of getting a loan this week, not for gambling, but for general life needs! Although deep down im sure a large majority will go on a table somewhere. DAMN the person who taught me poker!

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