Monday, 7 January 2008

+ a Little

Last night i played at a £0.25/£0.50 table on Littlewoods with a starting stack of £20, i dropped down to like £11 after my AQ was beat with AK when an ace showed up on the turn, not a great loss, but certainly not good, i then added £5 to my stack. I managed to shift the stack upwards some to around the £27 ish mark before calling someones all-in with 1010 against there 77, that pushed me up towards the £45 ish point, i then sat around this mark for a little while, had a few small pots in my favour before deciding to leave after an hour or so at the table with a stack of £54 for 2 reasons: 1 - I need a boost of confidence, and so leaving a table up might be able to help. 2 - It was 3:15am and i had work at 7:30, partly the reason I'm so tired today i guess, anyway, i withdrew the £25, and have left £29 in the account for me to gamble tonight, and hopefully get a roll going again. I'm thinking about starting to keep more of a record of wins/losses for the month etc, thus helping me to keep my bank balance in a healthier state, because right now, it's looking a little diminished to say the least.

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