Monday, 11 February 2008

Crazy Nights, Roll Started!

Well since my last post, i haven't done anything of great interest, just get drunk down the pub with Ed and the lads. The worst night was only meant to be a night of us gambling on pool games and just haveing a few drinks, but i ended up alot more than tipsy. Me and Ed have a betting system on our pool, like £16 per frame (have played upto £64 a fram before now) and bonuses all the way through, so plants, doubles, 4 balls in a row etc all add up, and depending how much each frame is, the bonuses are more or less.
So we were betting away as per, and thats about as much as i could remember. I got told alot of what i did, it involved getting back to eds house, me running out the car into his back garden, where he has a massive bank, i apparently stacked it down there and was crawling around on the floor like an idiot before Ed and TJ (Eds bro) came and helped me back up. We made it too the house, but it wasn't long before i was back outside running around the whole area, with no shoes on, landing on peoples gardens and all sorts. Tj drove after me (as he wasn't drinking) and couldnt find me. I somehow ended back at the house, where ed locked me in, i was running around the house looking for the keys (god knows why) before passing out on the sofa. It' safe to say, the night after way similar lol. But it's all good fun =)

On the poker side, i deposited $10 into my pokerstars account last night, and sat at two 5c/10c with $5 on each. I finished the night with a total roll of $55. I played a quick session today where i was down $10 at one point, but i finished $10 up, brining the roll to $65. I had a nice hand today where i was worried on the flop, but the turn comforted me. I get given 55 on the button, i raise it to 30c, BB calls, flop it 756, BB checks, i bet 45c, and get re-raised, i re-re raise and he insta pushes. Now there was 2 spades on the flop so im thinking he may have the flush draw, but also if he's actually flopped the nut straight. I thought and thought, and decided more likely the flush draw and called hoping he wouldn't hit, he turned over 67 thank f00k, and the turn was a 5 too finish him off lol. I will most likely do some more grinding tonight if i'm not too tired. GL

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