Thursday, 14 February 2008

Going ok

I managed to get my roll upto $65, before blowing a majority of it in a night of rebuy after rebuy when a real bad beat sent me on tilt somewhat, i left that night with what i started with, $10. The next night i thought i'd give a $4.40 tourney a go, and from the start i played awesome, i waited for the hands, played them all correct, and made some huge folds. The best fold i did was when i get given Q8o on the button, its quite deep into the tourney right now, blinds are like 1k/2k i think, about 23 peeps left with me being the chip leader at around 36k. I raise it up after it folds to me, i make it 5.5k, sb folds, BB just calls, flop is 910a, BB checks, i bet the same 5.5k, BB calls again, turn is a J, the BB then check raises me all-in, its another 17k for me to call, over half my chips right now, and ive got the 2nd nuts. I thought and thought for agesss, before just made sense that he had KQ. I was just wondering whether it was a good fold or not, and then he showed KQ, i was over the moon. Made my game play so much better, i also folded A7 on a A7K flop, the guy had KK, i put him on AK tbh, but what does it matter =).

I was playing some brilliant poker. Comes down to the final table, then my internet decides to fuck me off for a good 20 mins, and with blinds that big, my stack soon depleted. I eventually managed to get back on, and was sitting with around 39k, and no longer chip lead. I then made a bad move when i thought the guy was bluffing, which cost me 19k. By now everybody is just stealing blinds, and they pretty much couldn't handle my aggression, and i was stealing left right and center. Then came my final move, i get given A9h in the SB, one raises to like 4750 before me, i insta push all-in, BB folds, the guy thinks for ages and ages, and calls with J10h, and lucks a fuckin 10, and that was me out, 7th place for a lame $25. Maybe a bad move, but i figured he was stealing tbh, and most were trying it on.

I then decided to gamble and put $25 on a 25c/50c table, i went up and down for a good few hours, upto $80, then down to $15 etc. I cashed out on $85 which now is my current roll. I have to say though i did get very lucky twice. The first time was aipf JJ vs AA and i hit the jack. The other time was on a nothing flop, i check raised a guy on the flop, where i thought he was bluffing, he wasn't lol, he flopped JJJ, i had A10o, and because i raised so much, when he pushed all-in, it was only another $1.70 to call, so i obv did. Turn is a K, river a Q. LOOOL!!..oops..bad by me, but about time i hit runner runner. I'll most likely be playing again tonight on 25c/50c, because it isn't quite as fishy as 5c/10c and ur raises actually do count for something lol.

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