Sunday, 28 September 2008

Bit of live

Went to chester with Ed to see few mates on Wednesday, we went out and got lashed that night, which was pretty good fun, and on the Thursday night we went to Rileys and played a small tourney, i come fucking 4th when Bluescousyfishywishy knocked me out on the final tarb, i was shortstacked and pushed on the button with AKo, and it folded to him, and he just looked at me, smiled and said soz mate i gotta call, and turned AQ, then went "ohhh", lol...however that f00kin queen came for him on the turn of course lol, and that was me. Ed went on to win it.

We also did some pool betting whilst we were there, and i played quite good at the start and was up for a bit, then managed to play awful and lose about 20 bananas, oh well, all good fun lol.

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Hellboy65 said...

Gotta admit that was one of our better chester outings! The pool betting could definitely have gotten out of hand, good job we had the poker to cut up the action :-p

The 108d...what a sick hand. I can't believe you brought them out with us to the club!!! It's so haunting haha