Friday, 10 October 2008

Bonus Play

Got £20 from the new littlewoods site, lost that in a $80 or so pot when a fish called my $4 raise pre and $6 c-bet, when i have AA, and he has 73o, hits a 3 on the flop, i check the turn to get more action on riv, he hit another 3...Whats worse is he hit and run!

Just released £10 Bonus from Partypoker, that went quickly too, when i call-raised all-in pre with jj, he then called my all in with A8s and hits his ace of course. I've then deposited £25 which i'm trying to spin up. I did double it earlier, but then made a bad timed bluff and went back to starting stack. The table is so loose and fishy, so i'm just trying to sit back abit, which isn't how i like to normally play, but gotta do whatever makes the most money i guess.

edit: Got it to £65, then got another £10 bonus. I removed £40, giving me at least £15 proff. I sat at the table with the rest, lost it all when i raised UTG with QQ, BB who was fukin awful at poker might i add re-raised all in, i called he has AK, low board until the king on the river. That was his only play that i'm not that annoyed about, the others, well...just plain disgusting.