Monday, 30 July 2007


well had a few games, so thought it was about time i updated..

First off, tonight, played in a $2.50 tourney in which 3000 peeps entered, not gonna go into detail, as that would take forever, lol, but i came 84th, winning me about $14, was gd fun, and shudda dun better, but lost a large amount of my stack to a silly call, and went on tilt thereafter..

Had a live game, with Bluescouse, Portdeco, hellboy and moz, didnt do that well, but the highlight of the game, was wen i came back from having just one 25 chip, (enough for ante), and coming back to have about 8500 chips, about equal chip lead, however it was shortlived when i ran into portdecos QQ, with K 10, not to worry though it was fun.

Been playing a bit on pokerstars, put just $20 in, and afta a day i managed to make it upto around $90, and just to mention thanks to ed (Bluescouse) who has been giving me a few pointers which have realy helped my play out..cheers mate =)

Been on tilt tonight a bit, and trying to recover what ive lost too much, making me lose more and more, eventually, i lost most my stars money, by stupid cash play, but il probs take a rest tomorrow so that i can get my head together, and play better maybe...

i still have a BR of $950 in betfair, although i might transfer it into stars, as ive only realy started to play on stars, and already prefer it, but il see how it goes

i wud post more, but im wrecked, so bed time it

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portdeco20 said...

im not playing cash for a while on stars now, tournements are much better and u seem to do well in them, one big win will help u out, so stick to tournements for now i rekon, gl mate