Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Small win

Joined a $4 buy in sng last night, with 180 entrants, the prizes wernt amazing, but i fancied a go. I got up the chips fast soon becoming close to chip leader of tourney, and certainly chip leader of my table, i managed to keep my stack high through most of the tourny, picking off fish, and people who were trying to bluff me when i had the nuts (dont you just love that).

A few hands i remember,

I had about 20k in chips, a short stacked player pushed pre-flop, and everyone else folded, and i decided to call, they turned over 99, to my amazement, and i had 1010, the flop came 9x9, which was such a shock. The very nexy hand after that, somebody pushed pre-flop again, with about $5k in there stack, once again, everyone around the table folded, so i called with 1010 (again). They turned over AKo, and hit an ace on the flop, no help for me, this made a big dent in my stack, but i decided to not let it phase me. I pushed on and kept managing to gain more and more chips, there was a point in the tourny where i went down from like 12k, to 1k, but soon making it back upto 18k, when i flopped the nut straight, and a few people pushed all-in with me insta calling...

I eventually made the money in a very good situation, it payed down to 18th place, and i was in the top 3 of the chip lead most the way of the final 18. The final table came, and i hit a very bad beat, i re-raised somebody pre-flop, and they insta re-raised me, i was thinking about coming over the top, but he had more chips than me, and i didnt want to rest my tourny life on this hand as its not prooved the best for me in the past, i decided to call. Flop came J64, not a great flop for me, but i decided to go on betting strong, trying to represent that i'd hit or had and overpair. I raised $3000, ( a very large amount of my stack after the pre-flop raising ) he instantly came over the top. It took so much courage to fold this as i was probobly pot commited by now, but i decided to let it go, he showed AJ, and i was so relieved to have folded, no matter how hard. However this left me short stacked on the final table, and i've never had so many sh*t hands in a row than when i was on this table lol. Hand after hand they were re-raising, and everytime i'd call, i'd never hit, never even had a high card to try and bluff with. I eventually decided to push with Qc7d, one person called with KQ, i was devastated, however the cards came KcAc3h the turn, Jc --- giving me the Royal flush draw, river 10d, not giving me the royal, but it kept me in the tournemant, and we both hit straights. This was a relief.

Finally i was not going anywhere with my hands, and i was well beyond having a short stack by now, i pushed with J7d, 1 called with KQd, and he had the higher flush even though i hit two pair, i finished in 6th position which wasn't a realy bad result, could've done better but we all have bad games. This won me $36 adding to my stars account.

Stars - $58 - trying to work on this from scratch
Betfair - $950 (not touched it yet)

Oh and before i go, i gotta say congrats to Portdeco for winning $3000 after a 9 hour session fighting off 2500+ entrants, managing to get 2nd place, and a hefty profit, seeing as it was only a $3 buy in, exellent result mate, keep up the good work =)

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portdeco20 said...

hehe =D thanks for the mention and unlucky on final table mate. you play good tournement play, neva seen u in cash though, good luck