Saturday, 27 October 2007

Things looking up slightly...

Desposited $20 into stars before, now have $77. Played a few tables of 10c/25c an played v well, making some v good calls/folds. Pretty happy with that. Biggest hand was when i was dealt KK in late position, one raiser before me, i re-raised him, he called.

Flop : 7h 2c 9c

i bet, he flat calls..

Turn: 9d

i bet again, he flat calls again

River: 5c

Here i thought for a long time, before checking, to induce a bet as i still thought i was ahead for some reason, he bet and put me all in, i still had a think, before calling, and he turns over AQo lol..and my KK wins me a $67 pot...Awesome.

Gonna play a few tourns now, will report back if i make any decents penniessssss :)


Amatay said...

ahahaha nh m8, the fish are sooo shit. i induce alot of bloofs when i play, the donkays cant help themselves lol, gl

portdeco20 said...

n1 mate