Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Missing Draws, getting sucked out on...

What a bad start to this week, absolute rubbbish. I thought i'd deposit on sunday night, as i was bored, and as of late, have been making a small proff. But i decided to go down a few levels, what stupid mistake. I must of forgot how bad the play is there, such a joke.

I deposited a total of £40, i bought in for £10 at a time, and every time i get lucked out on by bad play, i mean, why do they get rewarded for being shit. So so annoying.

The one that annoyed me the most was this: I get given QJh, it folds to me on the button, i make it 3xbb, sb and bb both call, flop is 4h 7h Qs, both check, i make it 3xbb again, sb folds, the bb goes all-in here instantly, i'm like WTF, he has more than my stack, and it's such a weird move, only thing i can think is maybe he has just limped with 44/77. But i figured, why would he play it like that?? And plus i had the flush draw, so after thinking i call. He turns Qc8h, and hits an 8 on the river, with no heart coming to the rescue. Awesome :/

Another is a set on set, which i couldn't get away from, again. And just general suckouts and all sorts going on. I have made the decision to never play below 50c/1 from now on, because i think i'll have a heart attack before my next birthday from stress that these fishys cause me lol.

I'm going to most likely have a rest for this week now, it's annoyed me quite a bit just spunking off money to lucky mofos that don't deserve it. I'll be reading alot of forums, and poker related things probs, just to sharpen up my play abit maybe.

gl though..


Michael said...

thanks for the comment, i've linked you too.

portdeco20 said...

these levels do suck i must admit, im continuosly gettin sucked out on and im stuck in this level aargh!!!