Sunday, 25 November 2007


Well friday night me n fishy (ed) lol decided to goto da pub for some pool and to get drunked realy lol. Was good laugh actually, we did a bit of side betting on the pool lol..didn't goto plan for me as the more drunk i got, the worse i got. The next thing i remember is waking up not knowing where the fuck i was or how i got there, this doesnt often happen to me, even if i'm wasteddddd. I soon realised i was at eds lol and his bro picked us up in the early hours.

Saturday night we went to chester, as it was moz's b'day in the week, so we went down to get trashed. Me n Blue couldnt get a lift up, so we had to train it..grrrr
But we amused ourself's on the train, coz ed come up with a drinking game/wordsearch that he bought lol. Whoever gets the least amount of words in 2 mins, gets an extra shot of vodka in there drink. Luckily i won =)
When we goto moz's, we vandalised his house for a bit before heading out to da pubsssss. Started to get bit tipsy, we then headed for the club, waited for like 45 mins to fkin get in << in which time i pretty much lost all tipsyness lool. We soon got it back when we nailed a few gas chambers down our necks. Looked like it was gonna be a good night until the music turned out to be wank. I was dancing to anything, but blue n moz insisted it was shit, so we left lol. Went back to the moz-meisters crib n crashed.

Also moz, i have a confession, when u went out you bedroom, i picked up your dumbell, threw onto the bed (thinking ed would be able to catch it after bouncing) and it the hit the floor with some pace, and erm, if your wondering why its in the corner appearing not to be broke, dont be fooled, coz it is loool. Im just suprised you didnt hear the bad lol, but i'll pay for a new one haha.

Anyhoe, nothing on poker side, not played, may play this week, depends, but i'll post if owt good happens fishys. GLGL


Amatay said...

lol funny post. WTF is a gas chamber?

Tom Kendal (gravedigger) said...

It's like sambuca i think, he put it on fire, spins it around abit, then put's into another glass, whilst keeping the other one on top, keeping it air tight, then shakes it, creates like smokey gassy shit, then u get a straw, suck all the gas out, inhale it, then neck the drink loool...get's you pretty wasted after a few lol.